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Hey Guys,

I am Chris

My skin was almost perfectly clear, one week ago, and then on Saturday i started feeling a bump under my skin on my chin, i ignored it and hoped that it would go away. However, later on in the week ( Tuesday ) it just killed me how much it hurt, it would hurt to talk and smile. So me being the smart person i am, thought if i popped it, it would relieve the swelling, and make it feel better and heal faster. It didn't pop though, but i sat by the mirror for a good 20 minutes just squeezing it, to the point where this watery *grease* stuff was coming out, so i finally stopped. It looked awful. So the next day i tried not to touch it, and would put a warm towel on it, then i would ice it, and put some differin gel on it and let it rest. Then last night Wed. i put the Pro-active Refining Mask on it. I woke up and it looked still pretty red, and swollen, and was extremely dry. So this morning after i got out of the shower i thought i saw a head to it, and once again i tried to pop it, and was unsuccessful again, but did it for another 20 minutes, to the point where my skin was peeling off. Right now it looks awful, red, and swollen, and hurts a ton... will post pictures a week before and now, a huge huge difference.

I would appreciate any advice people have, please please..





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shit happens man, same happened to me this week. I usually don't touch my cysts but i had one on the side of my nose that i thought had a head and i tried to squeeze it and nothing happened. Now it's all red, inflamed, and scabbing. I look like and feel like a moron. This has happened to me so many times you think i would know better

Just be happy you only have that one spot. The rest of your face is fine, consider yourself VERY lucky.

Just ice it and take ibuprofen, don't touch the cyst at all anymore.

read this


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I really appreciate your support and encouragement, i feel a lot better today, there will be updated pictures under my regime, thanks again man!


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