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Hiya, I was tempted to buy Paula's choice due to all the good things I've heard on here. However, I would personally follow your derm's advice seeing as they are the pro and they have actually seen and worked with your skin so far.

I went for my 5th and final microdermabrasion yesterday and saw a different beautician. She was really good and just told me like it is. It seems my blocked pores are really hard to extrect at the end, when they should come out dead easy, cos my skin is dehydrated.

She explained that we need to do more than drink water ( I drink lots ) but also use a hydrating moisturiser. I am guilty of not putting moisturiser on the areas where I get these blocked pores, which is the exact opposite of what I should be doing. Turns out the gunk will come out far easier, and those stubburn little white bumps will come to the surface, and scarring will not look so obvious if we moisturise ALL OVER.

Seems I've been unwittingly making my problem worse. So I'm gonna use up my current products then go back in for a consultation. I was very impressed with her knowledge and didn't feel like she was trying to flog me products or treatments.

I think this site can be a double edged sword. I keep hearing wot works for some people, then I go buy it, and I just end up with all these products. My beautician says I need stuff that is stronger and more specific to my skin than wot is available on the shelves, therefore the skincare that clinics carry is gonna be far more effective. Otherwise it just becomes trial and error.

For that reason you could end up paying £70 or more on trying products yourself and finding they don't work. May as well go along with the doc, then at least if it doesn't work, it's them to blame, not you! :)

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Hey thanks for the advice -- I think you're right and it's what I've been leaning towards. At the end of the day I can easily spend £70 on other products... might as well try this!

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