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effective forms of birth control on the ipledge system

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Ok, so I (well, my mother) had chosen abstinence for me as my primary form of birth control, making none the second (she wouldn't pay for birth control pills). It was ok, because I wasn't having sex anyway, but then as I neared the point of being sexually active, I was looking at the other primary and secondary forms (when you enter them in on iPledge). If you use birth control pills as your primary, the list comes up as what to use for your secondary, and things like withdrawal and family planning are on there. But then my doctor today told me withdrawal is not a valid option, and so I read through my book and it says that withdrawal, family planning, etc. are not acceptable forms of a secondary birth control. How does that work, if it's an option on their website?

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My derm told me they put those wrong answers on the ipledge system to see if your actually reading the information they put in the information booklet you get.

If you do become sexually active use a condom EVERY time regardless of weather or not your on birth control and dont let boys tell you they dont fit or it doesnt feel as good or they "will pull out" Remember this ....BOYS LIE lol sorry but its the truth

and fyi you can go to planned parenthood and get birth control for free and they wont tell your mother.

Best of luck to you

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You need to get well versed on the ipledge handbook for women. You are going to have to answer a series of questions every month proving you know all about birth control while on accutane. The questions are not all birth control, either. Some have to do about when you can fill your prescription or donate blood. I don't know what happens if you "fail" the written test, but I imagine it involves a waiting period before you can take it again and get your prescription filled. And as downwithacne said, there are "wrong" questions put in there to test your knowledge. Good luck.

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