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Glycolic acid..is it working?


I'm new to this forum, so hello everyone!

I've had acne for the last 14 years, from age 14 to 28, mostly mild to moderate but totally unabated during this time. I've never woken up in the morning without at least a couple of spots.. ever!

I also have quite a few scars but none that are very deep, but some moderate ice pick and rolling scars.

I've used Glycolic acid 50% once a week for about 4 weeks now, and I can't believe it, right now I have zero spots on my face and can't believe it.

I actually bought this as a scar treatment hoping if I use it for a few months, I will get rid of most of the smaller scars, and then consider using TCA to treat any scars that haven't healed by that time.

So far I haven't seen any scar healing as such but I'm suprised my skin looks so clear which is much welcome in its own right.

The thing is, I'm wondering if this is somehow just chance that my skin is clear, because when I apply the Glycolic acid it doesn't burn much at all and I don't really notice any great amount of peeling?

I've read somewhere that glycolic acid that you buy in shops may be weaker than advertised or something?

Nevertheless, it seems to be working, but I don't know, what do you think?

Thanks :)

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The product should say what % of the acid; hopefully ur country regulates the products on the shelves enough for it to be accurate! If it doesnt say a % then you should check the ingredient list and see how far down it is to get an idea of concentration.

I've used 10% every night for 2 weeks and then for the last week both morning and night without feeling any burning or extreme dryness although Im not sure if the % are comparable. Haven't had any miracles yet although some improvement, but its suppose to take 3months to see maximum effect so Im hoping.

If you haven't made any other changes to ur routine then I dare say its working, you don't put acid on ur face without having some effect! I don't think its suppose to go dry and peel, just sort of 'unglue' the top layer of dead skin and maybe go red, but im not too sure with high %

Have u had any luck clearing up blackheads and whiteheads if you have any? That's what Im really trying to target. Make sure u use plenty of sunscreen!

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