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Ive now been on Accutane for 7 weeks and 3 weeks ago I went from 40mg to 60mg. Im still breaking out horribly and its getting to me. People make comments like have you been punched and they really think I have. My spots are worse than what they ever have. Im on a 4 month course and just not confident at all that my skin will get better now? Is it likely to get better for me? How soon I am not happy. Am I doing everything right?

Thanks for your time

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Honestly the turning point for many accutane users is right around 2 months before they notice a huge difference. Just hang in there! Accutane will work out in the end, as there are little to none it doesnt work for at all. Just give it time smile.gif

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Hello there,

I'm having the same luck as you, which isn't very good to tell you the truth. After 3 months of Accutane I'm still seeing plenty of zits surfacing. But i've noticed the zits are much smaller and are short-lived. I noticed my acne got loads better after changing soap/moisturizer to Cetaphil bar/moisturizer. Anyways, lets get through this together. Good luck champ.

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once you hit the 10week mark it's all uphill

best thing you can ever buy for your lips -- medicated blistex lip ointment -- comes in a box and is a push-tube. all other chapsticks prevent chapped lips, this one actually heals those bad boys.

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