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I think I found my winning regimen...

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After suffering from acne for over 10 years, I think I am finally on the proper regimen! Gosh, it took long enough, but I'm happy to be clearing up. I've tried an endless amount of creams, gels, cleansers, antibiotics, etc. and things seemed to help but then I just broke out again, in the same places, over and over.

I just wanted to post to share my regimen, hopefully it can help someone else out too!


I wash my face with a a touch of mild cleanser, Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

I then apply Evoclin foam on my face and chest. I wait 10 minutes or so and if I need to use a moisturizer, I use a few drops of Jojoba oil in a pea sized amount of Cerave. Works great for me when my skin is even extremely dry.

Night time:

I use a Triaz foaming cloth. They are quite large, so I cut them in half in order to have them last 4 months instead of 2. When my face is dry, I apply Retin A Micro .1% to my face, neck & chest.

I take 150mg of Doryx once a day. Honestly, sometimes I forget to do this, and once when I forgot to take it for a week straight I started to get some cysts again.

That's it! I also try to drink a lot of water, eat a mostly vegetarian diet and limit my intake of dairy (no butter or milk, but I do eat some cheese). I try to eat fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible, although I could stand to eat a little bit more of them.

I used to break out with large, painful cysts on the sides of my chin. I also had (and still have some, but not many anymore) lots of flesh colored bumps all over, especially on my forehead. I blush easily and my skin can get red easily.

Well, help this helps someone! My skin has been on this new regimen for a few weeks now (after being on a very similar one for a year) and my skin is totally clearing up. The bumps and uneven texture is smoothing out, even the stubborn ones I've had for years. I am so pleased.

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