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Can I use Mama Lotion while on accutane?

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Hi guys~ I'm almost half way into my 6 month of accutane. I've been using emu oil for nearly 3 months now it helps a lot with the redness. I was just wondering if I can use mama lotion now, coz it seems to be getting raving reviews for fading scars (I'm left with tons). Any input? Thanks!!

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i think i'd wait till you were completely done with accutane and make sure to use an excellent moisturizer on the nights that you don't use the mama lotion (it's every other night, right?). but i guess it depends on how dry your skin is right now. if it's doing fine, with NO dryness then yeah sure go in with the mama lotion.

i'm really interested to hear your experience with mama lotion, i wanted to try it but the boutique that told me would sell it...didn't. lol. so maybe eventually i'll get it online.

good luck! when you try it please post your experience/results with it (:

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I would personally steer clear from the Mama Lotion. It's an exfoliant and I think it would be too harsh. Ask your derm when it's safe to use it following your course.

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No, you shouldn't use MaMa Lotion while you are on accutane as accutane already has the ability to exfoliate the skin and by using MaMa Lotion, you are risking over exfoliating your skin even more and it will leave you with dehydrated and sensitive skin.

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Hihi, thanks so much for the replies!! I had a feeling that I shouldn't use Mama lotion while on accutane. But you know, I get really impatient with all the left over red marks that are still not faded by emu oil. I figure since it's a kind of acid and my skin is pretty dry and thin now, I should let my skin heal a little before turning to mama lotion. Those crazy reviews about Mama lotion!! I just hoped I'd found it back in February when my acne was wrecking my face! Well, this of course doesn't guarantee to work on me. But, anyways, I'll surely keep you posted after I get off accutane (two weeks to go!) and check with my derm. :D

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