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Well, it all started in the beginning of this past summer. I had a few tiny bumps on the right side of my chin and I normally only got any form of acne on my forehead. Today, the lower part of my face is EXTREMLY bumpy. A little below my jaw line on my left side there is a cluster of red somewhat-flat bumps. It does not even seem like normal acne. On my right side.. the jawline and even below the jawline is very bumpy and it does not go away! No matter what I do, it does not go away. I also have bumps on my chin and around my mouth. My neck is becoming dry as well. It really sucks. I recently started college and I have no confidence to approach people. It's horrible. I was wondering if it had anything to do with seborrheic dematitis or candida. Please give me some input here. Thanks!

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Well, I dont know if you have ever visited a dermatologist or not but that's how horrible acne starts.

First you get a few bumps on one area of your face, than a bunch in one area, than it spreads to your whole face. That's what happend to me.

So before you get serious scars all over your face like I do than make an appointment to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Also, even if it isn't "real acne" a dermatologist deals with all skin conditions I think.

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I visited the dermatologist. She gave me the Ovace fash wash, Ziana, and Metrogel. Anyone used any of these products? What kind of affect did it have on your skin? I believe that the size of some of the lesions have went down already and I have only been using these products since Thursday night. I am not using any over the counter products whatsoever to see if these products are going to get the job done or not. It may take a few weeks. I will report back on my progress.

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