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Spots where I don't grow facial hair??

Okay, so I have been visiting these boards for a while (mainly to find and try new regimens) but this is my first post. I managed to get rid of most of my acne now, but I still have a problem with tiny spots around my mouth and beside my nose ( think basically everywhere I don't grow facial hair especially the groove where you get a dent from laughing). In these areas my pores have a great tendency to become clogged and turn into small raised red spots. If I stretch the skin in these areas (which I do by pushing with my tongue from the inside) I can see literally every pore has excess sebum in it. Although this isn't visable without stretching the skin, I can determine when a new spot will come through by finding the pore with the largest amount of sebum in it which inevitably within a few days will turn into a small spot.

I wash my face with only warm water morning and night and exfoliate a few times a week, and i'm wondering if a topical solution put on just this area could reduce the sebum production in those areas and then hopefully give me smooth skin all around my face. I'm thinking tea tree oil or jojoba oil? Anyone suffer from something similar and tried something that worked? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



How I got my acne to this point (from getting spots pretty much everywhere on my face usually having up to 10 active spots at all times) was simply trial and error of different regimens. I think the main cause of my acne is sugar, which I completely cut out of my diet. Of course it could also easily be a result of my much better diet due to me eating more fruit and veg as I couldn't have sugar. I also stopped using any cleansers / toners / moisturisers and only wash my face with warm water morning and night and after sport, along with bi weekly exfoliation.

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