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Will Active FX or Smartxide help with large pores as well as scarring?

Hi, I am a first time poster and I found this forum while searching for info on Active FX and Smartxide co2 lasers. I was thinking of having this done to help decrease pore size and smooth out the texture in my skin. I also have acne scarring and some melasma but I do expect some improvement in the scarring and melasma because about 1.5 yrs ago I did the Pixel 2940 erbium laser 3 times and I had about a 30-40% improvement in scarring and melasma, which was better than nothing! I did not see an improvement in pore size though...very dissapointing.

My pore size bothers me more because it is so noticeable and makeup just makes it look worse. People have even pointed it out to me, which just makes me want to cry...like I don't know its a problem!!!! I guess its just genetics and I'm 35, so I know its only get to get worse as I age. Before I fork over $3000 for another laser treatment, I would like to know if anyone had any improvment in pore size and texture?


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I did the Total FX laser about five months ago, which I think is kinda the same thing as Active FX.

Anyways.... I found the satisfying. However, I must say, you won't get "perfect" skin from the procedure. But I'm sure you weren't expecting that.

The texture of my skin improved about 50%. The pore size on my nose reduced. The only thing I was let down on were the acne scars. The procedure helped the scars a little... maybe 25% better. But the scars are still there and still bother me. I have really deep ice pick and boxcar scars though. So, perhaps if you're scars aren't as deep you'll have better results.

All in all, I would get the Active FX treatment... if you have the extra $3,000 to burn. I think you'll notice the greatest difference in the texture of your skin.

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