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Hey everyone, just wondering what in the world is going on with my face. Here are the issues:

-Redness, pretty consistent with what Roscaea sounds like. Very sensitive skin, prone to blushing, base hue of pink pretty much all the time. Almost more rash like than even pinkness. Splotchy often.

-Little tiny bumps, not really like acne (in that they don't ever move past the stage you see below) but look a lot like early stage acne. I think these are called "pustules" but I'm not sure. You'll see what I mean best in the first image below; basically little white (and red) bumps, especially in cheek area.

-Rough texture to the skin in T-Zone area. Not sure what is going on here.

-The SHINE! In the second and third images you'll see what my face looks like when it catches the light. There is this constant shine to it. I thought this was oilyness, but it's there even after I wash. (Especially if it was rigorously). I know this can strip the face of its natural oils, and thus cause it to overproduce oil, but this seems different than just normal oily skin. Pretty much never changes. And it's not just like sweat, you can see there is a weird texture to it too. It is like this ALL the time -- only ever gets worse. Seemingly unaffected by moisturizing, cleansing, not cleansing, anything.

-Seb derm like build up if I don't use pythorine zinc cleansers. Skin appears scaly pretty much all the time, but no actual scales.

My routine has changed over the years, but I recently found the most success with Atopalm moisturizer and Born to be Mild cleanser. I used the Atopalm for two years and recently stopped because I feared it might be the cause of the shine. (?) I used to take pills, use topical RXs, everything under the sun, but found no long term solution.

Basically I am wondering TWO things: A) WHAT is going on here? I think it's a combo of acne, seb derm, and rosacea, but I have no idea. Maybe I am missing something (?) and B) What would you suggest I do from here? Right now I am just using Cetaphil cleanser at night, and rinsing in the morning. I am taking green tea pills, fish oil, and spirulina. Pretty hands off regimen right now, not much change though. I am looking for any and all suggestions (for any of the above issues, but hopefully a fix all haha)

Help PLEASE : /

Shiny and Red







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A) WHAT is going on here?

You have redness from seb derm, oily, and acne skin. I have all three too.

B) What would you suggest I do from here?

I'm still on the regime, I keep my seb derm under control with lo'real face creams and heads and shoulders. The only pill im currently taking is fish oil pills too.

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