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Using less BP on smaller area?

Hiya- another question! Fun

Dan harks on about how important it is to eventually use 2 pumps of BP. I was wondering though, can i perhaps use less BP if i'm not applying it to all of my face? I get maybe two spots a year on my forehead, and they're often very small. Add the fact that i've got a fringe (that i don't really want bleached!) means that I haven't bothered applying BP to my forehead at all, just the rest of my face and my jawline. This shouldn't cause too big a problem should it!? Anyhoo, if this wont affect my complection (IE making it seem uneven as i'm only using it only below the eye area- EXCLUDING the inital redness), would it be safe to...

Only rank up to one and a half pumps of BP?

Seems logical but was wondering if anyone else currently on the regimen has/is doing something similar?

Many thanks! :)

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yup. that's fine! and actually i think dan himself doesn't apply it to his forehead.

idk. it's very confusing, i've read in several posts of dan's that he doesn't moisturize at night, and then later he says he adds jojoba oil to his moisturizer at night.

then he said he only uses AHA+ for spot treatment, but showed a video where he applied it like he does "every now and then" as a nighttime moisturizer.

i mean i know it's nothing to complain about but he should update his regimens because i'm very lost, lol.

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Actually, I NEVER use 2 pumps. I found that it's just too darn drying and irritating for my skin. I've been on the regimen for a good two months. And tried using two pumps for a few days when I just didn't want to waste the treatment and didn't want to hurt my skin.

I use half a pump in the morning and half a pump at night. That's it. And my skin is still pretty clear without having to use tons of Dan's BP. I used as much as I could initially because I feel that sort of jump started it, but afterward, I just stick to my half pump.

Works for me.

I don't think you NEED to do everything like Dan. I feel it's important to tailor it to your own needs.

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