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Diet and different kinds of acne

I've been controlling my acne through diet for about 20 years now. There is a very clear acne-diet connection for me (won't bore you with the detail - just trust me :) )

Some months ago, I gave up drinking alcohol. Since then I've experimented a bit with my diet to see what I can get away with. What I have determined (at least for me) is:

1. Alcohol doesn't seem to increase the number of spots I get, but they do seem to heal a lot faster when I don't drink, and my skin seems brighter and less pasty-looking

2. Saturated fats tend to cause deeper acne, boils and cysts - the kind that are very tender to the touch and can be impossible to squeeze

3. Sugary foods and drinks tend to cause outbreaks of smaller, surface acne and whiteheads that are easy to pop.

Just thought it might be of interest - might also explain why some people say diet has no effect on them. If you're the same as me, and have deeper cyst-like acne, then having a sugar free diet might not help you very much if you're still having lots of cheese and butter and other saturated fats. And vice versa, if you have lots of surface acne, then having a low-saturated fat diet might not help much if you still have lots of sugary foods and drink.

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Thats sounds pretty consistent with my experience. If I eat a lot of bad fats like fried foods and crappy quality meat I'll get a deep buggers, often on my temple.

It's weird too - I can't tell if dairy breaks me out (my acne is very mild now anyway) but I feel that when I am eating dairy my skin heals faster.

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some experience here but i'm wondering what causes blackheads. i can't tell if it's fat or sugars because i get them either way.

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I've wondered that too, about blackheads. And milia. There are so many different factors involved (oil production, inflammatory response, 'stickiness' of skin cells, infection, etc) that it's difficult to tease out what affects what. Blackheads without deep infection I would guess is related to the 'stickiness' of skin cells - which might be related to the early stages of the inflammatory response (I used to do research into cardiovascular disease a long time ago, and it's inflammation that results in the plaque 'stickiness' that causes your arteries to fur up - I used to wonder at the time if there might be a similar mechanism involved in acne).

Interesting to hear that some of you have had similar experiences.

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