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Just started water only method

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Okay here goes.

I have had acne since I was 13 years old. From that age I have been using acne products till now. I'm 24 years old now.

I have been prescribed with benzoyl peroxide creams and gels when I was younger and was prescribed retin-a when I was around 18.

So basically I have been putting chemicals on my face for about 10 years now, I don't count everyday because I sometimes stopped using the medicines for a couple of months and then started it again.

I have also been on and off antibiotics (oxytetracycline). I am still taking this medicine now but I am trying to stop it slowly. I understand that this medicine if taken for a long, your body will get used to it and will depend on it, so I am stopping it very slowly so that I don't get a sudden increase in acne.

Anyway, just recently I have been thinking to myself that if doctors have given me all their medications and still my acne does not go then what could be the problem. Then I thought to myself that if I let my skin just do its job naturally without using any chemical or cream it should put it back into shape.

So I started to wash my skin only with water and nothing else, I don't even use a moisturizer.

What I do is every three to four days I wash my face at night with a cleanser and I exfoliate then apply coconut oil before going to bed.

Then the next day when I wake up I just wash my face with warm water, then cold water then just leave it to dry.

I do this every morning and night for the next 3-4 days.

Overall my skins colour has returned back to normal and the texture is coming back to normality.

The problem I have is my skin is oily but at the same time dry, how can I explain this? Well, its very flaky outside but inside it oily.

I just wanted to know if by using this method will return my skin back to normality? Does this happen in the beginning stages, meaning the oily/dry flaky skin?

If someone has used this method can you please tell me the results of how your skin went by doing this?

The reason I want to do this is simple really, when I was a child I never ever used cleanser to wash my face, just splashed plain water to wash my face then I applied some sort of cream afterwards but not all the time. So if I done this when I was a child and there was not skin problems before than doesn't it make sense that the more simpler it is the better it is?

And I don't believe in dermatologists any more or any cosmetic companies, I think all of them are in it just for the money.

You buy a cream to deal with problems then this cream gives you more problems, so you go to the dermatologist and they give you some treatment, this works for a couple of months then stops working, so you go back and they give you something else, and that works for a couple of months then it stops working and your skin just gets worser and worser because of all the shit that its going through.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I hope someone here can tell others that keeping it simple is the right method.

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Hello again, I've just restarted the water only method. I stopped it for a few months but restarted it with a difference.

Now what I do is wash my face with warm water, then cold water then I pat it dry with a towel and apply a moisturiser.

I apply a cream based moisturiser in the morning and at night I apply Coconut oil.

I think before I was missing the moisturiser, that is why my skin was flaky and did not get rid of the acne, but now because I am moisturising my skin it is getting rid of the acne as well as the scars and my natural colour is coming back on my face. The texture of my skin is getting better and it feels more normal like the rest of my body.

I recommend everybody to try this, trust me, using all these cleansers, toners, treatments and stuff will make your skin worse. These companies that sell skincare products are only there just for the money this is why they introduce a new product after a few months with new ingriedients, I believe they do this is because they know that the old products will damage the skin and they need another product to make the skin better. Don't trust them.

Ask yourself this question, if you cut yourself anywhere on the body would you apply some medication constantly? I know I wouldn't, I will only clean the wound and apply medication for the first day, then I'll just leave it to heal itself, it goes away after a few days and returns back to normal.

Acne is similar in my opinion, but many people tend to use harsh chemicals on their skin to get rid of it.

I remember a friend of mine that told me once he got a few spots on his face, he told me he cleaned it up and put some vaseline on it and just left it, it completely went after a few days and his face is smooth, no acne or any skin problems. Why is that? Its because he doesn't use too much facial products, he just cleanses his face with water and applies some moisturiser.

Facial products are selling like hotcakes now, and mainly because doctors and companies are telling people that you need this in order to get healthy skin, this is completely bull, you don't need any chemical to get healthy skin. What you do need is keep it clean naturally and moisturise, thats all.

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Wow that's really interesting! amz, thanks for posting.

I know that my own skin has been ravaged after using all these chemicals on it for years. Even when most of the pimples are gone, my skin tone and complexion looks terrible and I still have inflammation.

Recently I started talking to some of my friends about this. Two girls I know, both with beautiful skin, never use cleansers or other products. They use water only and then moisturize. One uses Avacado oil, the other uses Shishido moisturizer.

I tried using just oils to moisturize and not using a cleanser. I tried Avacado and Jojoba oil for about a week or two. I applied the oils liberally. While my complexion definitely improved and my skin seemed healther, it also seemed that I started breaking out a lot and had many new pimples (mostly small whiteheads. the acne was at least less severe than before).

amz, which moisturizer do you use in the morning? How often do you use cleanser/exfoliate, and what do you use? How is this working out for you and how long have you been doing it?

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This is interesting. Come to think of it, a girlfriend of mine with amazingly clear skin told me once before that she only cleanses with water and that anytime she would try to use a facial cleanser she would start breaking out. I chalked it up to.. "whatever, that's weird, and my case is completely different. I NEED to wash my face because my skin is oily." Though lately, after much exhaustion, I have stopped doing anything.. I don't wash my face before I go to bed anymore and and I just rinse when in the shower and apply moisturizer before makeup. My face is actually about 90% clear. I think it likes the break.

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Do you find though that moisturizer is necessary? For me, it seems that if I try to moisturize without cleansing first, that's a sure-fire way to clogged pores and acne.

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There seems to be something to this. My skin looks terrible and i still get pimples using cleansers but i got a nose job and couldn't wash my face for 2 weeks. Seriously, it was the best my skin has looked in a long time and didn't get one new pimple that whole time. As soon as the splint came off I resumed the cleansers and broke out I thought it was because i hadn't washed my face in 2 weeks but now I'm think it was the cleanser and topicals. If I get pimples with the cleansers and without anyways, i may as well save some money and time and have the skin between pimples look better by doing nothing but rinsing with water. Well, I'm starting tomorrow morning (doing nothing). I'm going to post objective results week by week in the regimen section if anyone is interested.

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Hey goodluck!

I started washing with hibiclens and coconut oil in January and I have been totally clear.

I, too, had that weird dry flakey but oily skin.. But I started taking supplements--especially Omegas --and once a month I get a facial where they use the wand that emits the light/vibration-that kills any bacteria and brings all the poop sebum to the surface and they just wipe it away. im 40 and im told i have the skin of a 27 year old. a year ago that was not the case.

as soon as I stopped putting all the crap on my face- it cleared. supplements helped the dryness.

Just give it time--sensitive skin just cant take all that stuff.

oh- ingest the coconut oil too. works wonders!!!

keep us updated!

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