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Tiny Little White Bumps

I went to see a dermatologist and he told me that the tiny little white bumps on my skin are "precursors to pimples". I have mild acne, with an occasional moderate breakout on the outsides of my chin or on my forhead(mainly between my eyes). Those two spots do have those little white pimples, but their is a LOT of them.

Now that I see them, what can I do about them? They are so small and I have to get a good angle with the light in order to see them clearly, but they are absolutely there. If you are close enough to my face and are looking for them, they are easy to see.

I am afraid of whats going to happen when they actually inflame and become pimples, my face will look horrible and I need a way to prevent this. I am trying to stay away from products as much as possible, but I need some advice on what to do.

I was thinking of popping them all with a sterile needle myself, but they are just so small I don't know if it's going to work.

Any advice on what to do about these?

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You sound exactly like me. Most of my acne is whiteheads and blackheads. I always considered these little things as whiteheads, but I believe that is really what they are. I hate them. I have gotten quite a few on one side of my face on my front jaw area of my cheek. Kinda hard to see in regular light but a few times this week I would notice them by brushing my hand over that part of my face. I was not sure if it was some kinda hive type deal (which seemed unlikely as I never get allergic reactions) and they were not really itchy but just kinda..inflamed I guess. My lower cheeks and chin area have been where my issues mainly are these days. Those areas are getting heavily regimented :P

The bad part is, naturally we see all this, and want to squeeze the crap outta them. For me, I want to do that and then if I do start, I can't stop..I rarely do this but did the other night. In some ways I will say that it is "good" cause the crap is out and then you can treat the area..but we all know it is mostly in our heads that doing so is any kind of good idea. Just depends I suppose. Doing this with blackheads fails mostly. I had a nasty one that would not go away, so I got crap out of it (doing all kindsa damage in the process I know) and then loading on BP. The next day I went out somewhere, came back and there was a lovely little bump with all kindsa pus waiting to be popped. =/

I was just reading a bit ago about how ppl that have whitehead/blackhead issues, BP is not all that effective and Salicylic Acid is the way to go. I am going to read more about it and maybe be a guinea pig in the product testing thing. I plan on leaving my hands off my face and not look into the mirror closely as much..do the regimen and leave it alone. The thing that gets me is the more I look at my face, the more flaws I see and the more I wanna pop or pick. I find that seems to work well. Sorry for the long post :P

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