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Disinfecting after shaving - Staph Infection


I recently managed to get a staph infection in my nose, and now it seems to have moved to the side of my face - the doctor seems to think I got it on my razor. Now I'm trying to get rid of it - obviously I'm cleaning my razor with hot water after every use, but the doctor also suggested that I use aftershave to disinfect my skin. Because I am acne prone I am weary of putting anything like that on my skin. I am currently undergoing yellow laser treatment, and on their advice have stopped using my tea-tree based antibacterial face wash, and am now only using a gentle soap free cleanser, vitamin C serum, and a good quality sunblock - none of which are likely to do much to combat the staph. Is there any powerful disinfectant/aftershave that I can use after shaving which won't risk aggrovating my acne?

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I had/ still have a staph infection. best advice: dont shave, let it pass. KEEP YOUR SKIN MOIST. DO NOT LET IT DRY OUT.

Dont use any products that will aggrevate your skin, i did and the infection spread like wildfire.

The products u are using seem fine, stick with them. i am sure the sunblock moisterises your skin so that will actually help the infection.

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I also want to know what people have to say about this. I've always had a clear chin but recently I've been breaking out. I think it might also be with shaving. I just moisturise after shaving because I find that using Nivea aftershave might break me out, i think it's meant to be non-comedogenic but it feels oily to me. I am also wary of alcohol based aftershaves, they sting like hell but I'm just worried about the effect it'll have on skin.

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