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what worked for me


I finally found something that works for me after about 5 years.


I used to have mild/moderate acne, but it went away for a year when I used neutrogena rapid clear pads and clearasil adult acne treatment. (sulfur). These products stopped working; they would dry out my skin and make it flake like crazy. Since that time, which was 3 years ago, I have tried:

green cream, countless otc drugstore products, PC, supplements, and DKR. (And countless combinations of these products as well).

My acne transformed into really bad noninflamed about a year ago- tons and tons of congested pores and black/whiteheads that i would irritate and they would look awful. Anyway, DKR actually helped that a lot, but it also made my skin really red even after a month, so I tried something else, and after all these years it actually works.

What works for me is:

neutrogena stress control 3 in 1 acne treatment and jojoba oil. I apply the neutrogena at night and in the morning. (thin layer). At night i use the showerhead on lukewarm to wash my face before applying. Because the area around my mouth tends to dry out easily, and then get blackheads (I really don't know if they're blackheads, but its like a big hardened plug inside the skin), about a week ago i decided to also put on a ton of jojoba oil on that area, and it prevented that problem. Now my skin is pretty much perfect, with the exception of a few of those tiny flesh colored bumps (milia?) that don't even bother me.

I actually did use this product for about 6 months in the past, but I applied too much so it dried my skin out which for some reason can cause breakouts. It was satisfactory then, now that I am using it properly it works much better. Use a THIN layer and any part of your skin that gets dried out, put jojoba oil on.

Now I know people are sometimes reluctant to use neutrogena, but this one works. It has extremely high reviews on drugstore.com; 4.5 out of 5 I think, and paula from paula's choice says its one of 3 otc salicylic acid products that are well-formulated.

Sorry for the long post; just wanted to be as detailed as possible. I don't claim this works for everybody but I feel obligated to share in case it works for somebody else.

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How old are you? I'm 18 and willing to try anything really. Did you just get this at a drug store? Also this jojoba oil stuff I've heard about it alot not quite sure what it is though, is it a moisturizer?

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