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Acne? Is it really that bad compare to other disease out there?

I dont even know if i should be writing this, but i know if i do i will feel some what better. I suffer from acne all my life since i hit puberty back in middle school. I mainly blame it for ruining life in many ways. I finally met someone in my life a while back that love me for who i am. I thought i would never find such a person that can see me pass my acne and the low self-esteem it cause me. But i was wrong. I might say im lucky compare to other people on this board with severe acne. I always had moderate acne, now its mostly mild. It was just recently i been dating this girl not even a year that i truly love. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was not able to get surgery to save her life. We stopped dating b/c she had to leave the state that we live in to get help in another state. Looking at my life this past year and comparing to my whole life, I realize acne is really nothing compare to life threatening disease like cancer. I would rather have severe acne all over my face and body for the rest of my life than see a love one dying from cancer. We all should be happy with who we are even if we have acne. There are much more worst things out there in life that people can have. Life is short. We just have to realize it and be happy. Because of all of this that has happen to me, my acne to me is whatever now.

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yes skin problems are not as bad as a life threatening illness in my opinion anyway.....but most people with cancer never get blamed by others for causing it......but actually thats might not even be true, those with skin cancer might get blames for causing it, if they go tanning..

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im sorry for you man, thats terrible.

acne cant even be compared to cancer.

both are terrible deceases if you ask me, cancer much worse off course, because it can cause terrible pain, and eventually death in many cases.

though acne is worse in another way, it drives people crazy because of insecurity, eventually making people so depressed they want to be secluded from the world.

i hope your loved one gets better, i can imagine the pain you both live in.

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