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I was just in front of my mirror contemplating how much of a difference that lighting can have on acne, particularly scarring.

The reasoning came to me that the darker your skin looks, the less severe the colored spots will look against it. And I thought, boy, if only there was some way to make it so your skin looks darker, as if its in good lighting, ALL of the time.

Then it hit me. I wonder if getting a tan would substantially improve the look of red marks/scars? Has anybody tried it? I'm willing to...with a fake tanning kit maybe :whistle:


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I have read that tanning can even out the appearance of skin, but of course it's not recommended since in the long run UV light is very destructive to the skin. Not sure how tanning cream works...

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ive heard dan and many others say its just like a temp fix, but it will bite you back later in weeks... i dunno ask some1 else about it, i heard acne marks will get darker and have a less likely chance of fading away if u tan

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Getting tanned worked for me when I was in Australia, it even calmed my acne to an extent where I thought it was completely gone.

Currently I am spending an hour in the sun everyday just to get rid of the old redmarks and well, it's sort of working.

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I found another thread that had to do with this.


I think I am going to try it. I found a sunless tanner that looks ideal. It's good if you want just a slight tan (exactly what I want, nothing crazy) and it's oil free/won't clog pores. Check out reviews here:


I'm not buying it from there though, too expensive. Shipping is $4. I couldn't be sure that either CVS or Walgreens carries it because its not on either website, so I got one off ebay for $10 shipped. I'll keep you guys posted and let you know the results. This could be a decent tactic for getting your skin to look half decent, while you're working away at the marks with other methods, and time.

Remains to be seen. Hopefully it won't bastardize my face, lol.


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