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Hi everyone! So, I've decided to get some results first before posting my first log. I didnt want to make you guys come into here and then leave without nothing! :)

So a little short intro. used to severe moderate cystic acne, and then after year the battle was on and off, and it seemed like there was no end to these things popping up on my face. i was getting so deppressed, not getting out of the house, not wanting to meet anyone, exercise even. cos i wouldnt dare to bare my face out in public. (without makeup)

so you could see how heavily relied i was on makeup but i didnt want to rely on anything anymore. im sure many girls can relate to me. i want to finally BARE my skin out in public without feeling ashamed. i want to be able to go swimming, bcos honestly i dont know if it sounds stupid but i dont even dare to go into the swimming pool because im scared my makeup will run and everyone will see my red marks. i feel like im wearing a mask. a mask i so desperately WANT TO TAKE OFF.

SO, without any other choice, i was scarring easily, (as in red marks), alrdy HAVE some indents, acne was large and mostly grew cystic in nature. so, i hopped onto the oratane band.

doctor put me on a supersuper low dose (search it up), i refused to go on the high dose because i think the side effects would be too much for my weight even.

so i thought some of you also on this low a dose would be interested in my progress and share with me as well! :)

female, 44kg/96lb, 17y/o, wears contact lenses.

oratane 10mg/day

ps: also given PREDNISOLONE 5mg(steriods) for first 10days to counter IB

day 1 nothing much happened. just feeling nervous. looking at those redmarks on my face, rather red. so far, old cysts have flattened out. face has no new acne yet.

day 3 woke up with a horrible neck/shoulder/back ache. inner thighs hurt as well. lips starting to get dry. damn?? ive NEVER had my lips cracked in my life before. SKIN: IB has not arrived. starting to think: will this low a dose even work??? tells myself: calm down, its worked for others, it will it will.

day 5 AHHH!!! 3 NEW ONES SPROUTED OUT ON THE RIGHT SIDE! (one higher end side, one near my super active middle cheek spot/ scary cos i dont want any further scarring there!!, and one near jaw line) OKAY THESE LOOK PRETTY SMALL, HOPEFULLY IT DOESNT GET FURTHER INFLAMMED/GROW DEEP! PRAYPRAYPRAY! *CROSS FINGERS*

day 7 lips are so cracked, woke up, licked my lips and tasted blood. ew. those 3 buggers seem to be growing on my face. damn it...!!! im stressing out... been sleeping at 2-3am lately. TRYING to sleep earlier so that my face will improve. when i wear makeup, skin still gets as oily as usual.... but i look at my dry lips and i tell myself, its definately working; slowly but surely.

day 11 (today, MON 31 AUG) TODAY, i woke up, tasted blood again. my. and then, shoulder neck aches as usual. drydry eyes. man, my eyes feeling like im blinking in sandpaper. i gotta get some eyedrops. and im so lazy to put on lipbalm. sighhh! not used to it!i never needed to put any ever in my life! i wonder how guys would fare in this lol. anyway, my skin's looking much better, red marks have definately become lighter (must be the IPL, every3wks), and 3 buggers have calmed down. at least they no longer pain when touched. skin still oily. but texture is so smooth and soft.

ps: i dont know if its the side effects or what, but im losing my appetite. very badly. i get by through the whole day, just eating two slices of apple in the morning, drinking water, and in the night maybe just eat some bread, drink some soup, and im full, within these 11days my waist went from 25" to 23" . 25"to me is small, 23 is just making me freaked out, in 11 days??? also, i noticed i feel very restless. i constantly just wanna do things that dont make me think at all. in the past i had no problem doing my work for hours, now i feel so easily distracted, restless. any experiences?

will update! any experiences to share with low dose/high dose as well?

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alright. so some updates.

today is day21. my skin is noticably matte, lips are seriously cracked up and bleeding. no white petroleum will help my lips now. IB has slowed down, last week was terrible. 4/5 of them popped out from nowhere. so right now its all calming down. hopefully it stays this way.

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quick update! its day 24 now. after i finish myday 30 i will up my dose to 15mg /day. already went to them derm to stock up on another months supply! :)

well, it looks like the effect of 'tane is really kicking in right now. my skin is visibly dryer. im on a really low dose but it still seems to control the oil very well. ive also been gg for IPL every 3 wks so my skin is vryvery smooth and soft. red marks still seem very red though.

about the Initial breakout. the breakout period is really short and the acne doesnt flare up to like terminal stage. it just swells a little, ill ice it like crazy and in 2 days it'll become non-painful. but a little bump is still there.

so, i just hope this works out. bcos cost-wise it's very expensive.

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I`ve been on 10mg/day for 29 days so far.

I had/have an initial breakout since the 2nd week. Its getting better and better though. I have an appt with my derm and will ask her to increase it to 20mg. That dosage is the maximum I think I will be able to bear.

How long does your derm plan to have you on the 15mg for?

I'm puzzled, because some sites claim that if you are on low dose, the chances of it comming back are greater.

And some say that both are identical..

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hey! :)

@deejo: 9months if im not wrong. on 15mg/day. the max i can bear is 20mg. because my lips are already cracking/bleeding like crazy and my eyes are constantly dry (i sleep in air-conditioned room),

so from what i've researched and heard: lower dose = longer course. side effects are not so strong, so it's up to you really. for my body weight and height, (im only 40kg) , so if i go on higher doses i think those would probably make me very moody and depressed as well.

for the acne coming back and relation to the dosage, it really depends on the individual. ive known people that have been on very high doses like 80mg/day and aft their course their acne still somes back. so, it really differs. pm me if u need any help yeah ?:) some even reported lower doses work better in long-term than high doses because when the (high dosage) course is over, maintainence dosage is dropped from 80 to 10-20mg/day, and the body's not used to the sudden drop in dosage, and outbreaks/ and all start again.

some updates!

today is day 30. i've already upped to 15mg/day for about 4days now. and i liked how the results are going so far. i'm getting used to the constant dry lips and sandpaper eyes. so that's okay. im starting to develop this bad habit of tearing my lips apart. haha! peeling my lips i mean.

ABOUT THE SKIN: i LOVE how my skin can stay matte like 24hrs a day. wow. it's amazing! it's soft, supple, and MATTE.! however, my pores seem to become larger and alot of blackheads are popping out. (blackheads were NEVER present before) so, i'm not sure. maybe the accutane is purging the sebum/ thus blackheads are becoming visible? IM GLAD TO SAY, MY IB IS OVER.

AS AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: i realised, the accutane is amazing as an anti-inflammatory. my skin; i mean, comedones on it, usually get inflammed and become pre-cystic acne. however, it doesnt get inflammed at all. amazing! it just stays as a clogged pore. wheee!

ABOUT THE HAIR: im still amazed by this! i mean, i live in humid singapore, which is always hot and humid. and like, hair gets oily easily. but i mean, my hair, it's, not thinning (thank god!) and, ít's just MATTE. yeah?? it's hard to believe. i can like, not wash my hair, and it'll still stay matte. in thisweeather! amazing! :)

so that's about it! :):)

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fast update!

im kinda sad now... i woke up with like one baby cyst smack in the middle of my cheeks. ON top of a already recovering red-mark left over from old cyst. sigh... looks like tt spot's gonna take really long to heal. =/

well, at least, there's some goodnews. FOR GIRLS: those taking accutane, great news! when i apply makeup, it goes on so smooth, doesnt get oily even after 12hours, STILL MATTE AS HELL (!! I KNOW OMG) and, i dont even need to apply an eyeshadow primer anymore. i mean, my shadows dont crease, dont get oily, doesnt run, because the lids just dont get oily! wow....


looks like ill hav to ice this beast tonight. =/

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update! day 34. the acne cyst grew really huge so i went for my first cortisone shot yesterday. i can say that today, the cyst is completely flat with a purplish mark. :| well , other red marks seem to be so much lighter compared to this darkened beast lol.

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update! day 34. the acne cyst grew really huge so i went for my first cortisone shot yesterday. i can say that today, the cyst is completely flat with a purplish mark. :| well , other red marks seem to be so much lighter compared to this darkened beast lol.

Hey! I went to my doctor today and I also got oratane. He is not a derm BUT he is an EXCELLENT doctor. He told me to drink 1 pill a day at night despite what the pharmacy tells me. It will be 10mg a day for 60days. (Male, 6'3" or 1.92m so im really tall and 150lbs/70kgs so I am really skinny aswell). The doc also said his son only drinks 1 pill a week now.(10mg/week)

I am really scared now that I came to read about it. I have pretty mild acne really. My biggest concern is my blackheads on my nose, will it remove them? I already suffer from dry skin and now im really terrified because I am also just starting university in a few days!!

other than the crazy amount of blackheads on my nose I get yellow zits at the sides of my mounth and right under it. THATS ALL. but it looks pretty bad and always scars coz I have to pop em to get the yellow puss out!

This log really helped me thanks!

Edited by soloness
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hey there!! woah your really tall!!

actually i guess it doesn;t really matter if its taken in the day or night, correct me if im wrong...

but im currently on my 6month of accutane! everything is going great!

my red marks have def. faded about 70% now!!

as for blackheads, id suggest putting bp on it? just a thin layer at night before u slp.

and in the morning put moisturiser on it so it balances the drying effect off!

good luck! :):)

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