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Little background:

Okay, I've had a problem with acne since 8th grade.

It was never really bad during high school, but some of my friends always told me to pop them (they also did, and at the time, I wasn't really informed on the future effects it could have).

Well my senior year, I played football for our school, and my acne became worse from Jan. 2008- Dec. 2008 (the practice & season).

After football, I played basketball continuing my second straight year until it ended around May.

Now being a freshman college student, I'm left with a messed up face lol

About a month ago, I decided I'm going to get rid of this problem, so I started researching on it, and came across this site. Due to where I live, I am limited to what they sell in my area (No Wal-marts or drug stores), so I decided to go NATURAL since past short-term experiences with commercial products never seem to work out.

I am 6'4, physically toned, train in tennis 3 hours, 3 times a week, 180 lbs. (Polynesian blood in me)

I also changed my DIET! NO more white bread, milk, fast foods, soda, and other things I tend to look out for.

Breakfast is whole-wheat bread with Peanut Butter, lunch and dinner I pay close attention to also. Oh, I started eating Nature Valley bars 3x a day (whole wheat kind).

I have been using most of this for a little over a month:


Freshly squeezed lemons in my water every day

ActiVit: Metabolism Formula Vitamins for active people (found 5 one month bottles laying around)

2 tbs. ACV mixed with pure pineapple juice (just started today due to finally finding a way to drink it ;p)


ACV Facial with cotton pads morning & night (started with 1/4 now trying 1/3)

Natures Organic Cucumber Face Wash

Rosewood, Lavendar French, Jasmine home-mix (found it around the house)

Neutrogena Advance Solution Facial Peel

Neutrogena Advance Solution at home micro-derm system

Neutrogena Healty Skin Rejuvenator refill

The facial peel seems to work well, I have been using that for...1 1/2 months?

I don't always use the neutrogena micro-derm, due to it not really working with acne=/ (maybe I'll use when i have no more acne)

ACTUALLY, ever since I have done all this, i don't really break out anymore, the left side of my face as you can see it waaaaay better than the right=/ I don't know why either.

Ever since I have been going Natural, the only breakouts I have had are a couple tiny pimples.

I took these pictures a couple days ago, when somebody told me my skin looks the best it has ever looked in a while...sorry for the bad quality, its from my mac. (Some of the rosewood might be noticeable lol sorry)

Now I need your guys OPINIONS! I'm ready for anything, advice, tips, how bad it is etc...

What I'm aiming for is a clear face and six pack by Christmas. Guess I'm half way there with both ;)







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I think you should try some tca peels that will definitley do the trick by the time Christmas comes... But you really need to do low percentage and research on it because you have darker skin and your at a higher risk for hyperpigmentation problems I am halfways through by third peel. I use makeupartistchoice.com 12.5% tca. With that low of a percentage the peeling will start on the 3rd day and last until the fifth or sixth day. The peeling is easy to cobseal if your put aquaphor on it

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Update: A member messaged me saying to just take COLD showers...I will be doing this also from now on.

So I guess I just have red/brown marks mostly then....

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Lol that guy goes into every topic and says that.. but it can't hurt anything I guess. Can't believe he's now messaging people haha

I have similar issues as well, and I am still on Accutane for another month probably. It's hard to tell whether you have a great deal of scarring or just hyperpigmentation, but if those other things aren't working for you then I would agree with the first poster and go with the chemical peel thing. It does look like you have SOME scarring for sure, but I don't think it would be that bad if you got rid of the hyperpigmentation.

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