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2 days ago I tried the high praised lemon treatment. Bought fresh lemons & in evenin squeezed some juice. I applied it on the whole skin, left on for few hours (meaning to leave it for night) but my skin got so dry-feeling I put on some very sensitive moisturaizer, which I have been using for quite a long. In the morning the skin looked quite decent, 2bigger pimples had shrinked but there had appeared like ~10 very tiny tiny whiteheads on my near-mouth area.

Next evening I applied the juice for 30mins, washed off & added moist. Again in the morning same thing, more white heads on the same area.

I was wondering what's causing this, is it too rought treatment, allergic reaction, "pre-healing" burst or what? The pimples are very tiny, whites on top of the skinlayer, almost size of the sharp edge of needle, few a bit bigger.

Also I was wondering bout the honey, if I do same thing than with lemons, most likely it'll burst again? Im going to keep offnight from lemons now (instead just drink) and see what happens.

Also, how do you find out if you lack zinck on your body? Do you have to go to tests or? I was wondering about starting to eat zinck-tablets but im a bit afraid the initial getting-worse phase..

Any experience?

Anyway about the history, I ate 3months roacttuan for very severe acne, it cleared all the infected deep pimples & I'v been clear of those now for 8months, still I get quite a lot (depends on day) pimples, medium or smaller. Weirdest thing though is, all of the pimples are focused on my cheaks, none on the neck, occasionals on forehead if I use heavy hairgel, other than that, its all cheaks. Cant seem to find out what causes it..

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3th morning:

Most of the whiteheads are gona now, almost fell off on my paper / when i washed my face. Skin isnt really smooth like most of lemon-reviews mentioned, seems more like after spending 1-2hours cleaning extremely dusty places.

Im a afraid to use the lemons again, also made me very iffy bout honey, if it has the same effect.

Anyone had same like a reacion or experience? :|

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