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Amazing All Natural Regimen !

Ok i def had to share this with my Acne.org folks and im not too sure if this is where it should be posted but this is where its gonna be lol..

so i recently ran across an all natural face regimen, im no nature buff but i love how you can make it yourself and tailor it to what your skin likes! I started using the Acne.org regimen Aug 2008 and yes it cleared my skin but the extreme sensitivity and peeling was unattractive, also being that i am a fair skinned african american i also experience skin lightening which really bothered me and was noticable. I spent majority of the summer trying to get my color back in my face and stopped the regimen around March. I kept using the cetaphil soap and olay moisturizer however and had some success still but i kept getting bad acne that would leave scars on my cheeks and my pores were huge, so 3 weeks ago.. i tried this.

its from a book called Beauty Secrets From The Bible but the person who shared it with me tailored it a bit to their skin and so did i..

The "wash" part of this consists of equal parts oatmeal, flax seeds and powdered goats milk, ground to a fine powder. I keep it in a little gladware container, you mix a little of the powder in your hand with water to make a paste, then apply it like a mask and let it dry for abt 5 mins.. then you rinse/scrub that off and go to the next step..

Step 2 is the "toner" which is pure rosewater.. mine is in a spray bottle so spray that on your face.

For step 3 the "treatment" you will need honey, its best to use pure unrefined honey, take a small dab (less than a dime sized) and mix it with a little bit more rosewater in your hand to dilute then apply to skin..

& lastly the original recipe calls for Olive Oil as a moisturizer, but that sounds too heavy so the person who told me abt this used Vitamin E oil and i used the jojoba oil i purchased from this sight for the regimen. Dot that on your face and smooth in and your done !

Now.. i could not seem to get the honey step to not be sticky, and leaving it on overnight wasnt even working for me so I apply it heavily maybe 3x's a week as a mask instead. Since its been so hot ive been keeping it in the fridge and i noticed that made it easier to apply but the COLD felt S0 good on my skin!!

Also, i encountered a breakout (3 huge evil alien bumps) and tried to revert to my BP to no avail, so i stuck to the "natural" aspect of the regimen and got some Tea Tree Oil and dotted it on the bumps, SUCCESS!

I love this, after the first week that evil cheek acne cleared and now im working on the scars.. my pores shrunk and my skin is overall very soft smooth and luminous. Its definitely an investment of time & some money but so is Dans regimen.. and this has no harsh chemicals. I got all my ingredients from Whole Foods and it makes plenty, try to get ORGANIC whatever you can..

I highly suggest you all try it, however like i said the first week or so you may have to see what your skin likes and dislikes and tailor it to yours as i did mine. I hope this can help =)

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