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So what does the news say about AHA and cancer?

Are they saying is may cause cancer, or increase the risk due the sun.

Are they saying they arent sure yet, and the study may take 3 years before they know it, or are they saying it's save for 10% or less?

My english isn't that good, can someone help me out?

Thnx man!


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It sounds to me like they're just saying that because AHA increases your skin's sensitivity to sunlight, it may also increase the risk for skin cancer.

We've known for a long time now that unprotected exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, and because AHA makes your skin more sensitive, it does make sense that it might also increase the risk of sun-related skin cancer.

If you're planning on using AHA, always, always use a sunscreen during the day, even if you're only going to be out for a short while.

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Ok thnx, interview was pretty confusing.

Yeah I already know about SPF, i live in the Netherlands, where the sun never shines, so i'm pretty save.

On a sunny day, i will use SPF ofcourse.

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Question: why is it possible to tan on days that are cloudy?

Answer: Clouds, shade, fog and water are not good filters of UV light. So, just because it doesn't feel sunny or hot, the sun is still shining up there and the UV rays can still damage your skin. Clouds and shade are much better filters of heat and light than they are of actual UV rays. Up to 80% of UV rays can "penetrate" through the clouds.

However, it is easier to burn more severely on a hot day because the heat increases the effects of ultraviolet radiation. And it is easier to burn at high altitudes and in the mountains because there is less atmosphere to block ultraviolet rays.

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