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do i even have acne ? or is something else at the root ..

im just confused lately .. my skin story is kinda complex . lemme tell it, despite how exhausting it is to tell it over and over again ...

my skin was pretty much perfect in january . february, too . but i was stressed and was actually sick of getting the occasional pimple (how daft i was) .. so i decided to change facewashes . i had slightly sensitive skin that kinda got red and itchy after some facewashes so i ended up switching a lot this time around . they were all drying drying drying - and in a cold winter in new york city, my dry skin just got worse and worse .

every week or two weeks i would switch in hopes of never ever gettign a pimple again. my skin was still normal but i got the occasional pimple. again, how stupid i was .. eventually i tried some weird all natural shit that was really expensive . my face looked great ! then .. got oily and broke out . in places i never broke out before ever ever ever .

i had used that facewash for two weeks before switching . when i did switch it all got better - except for my dry skin ! now not only was it dry, but oily and peeling ..

i went to a derm and he said i had seborrheic dermatitis .. this is false . but he told me anyway cause he was clearly uninterested in my boring story and diagnosed me in 3 seconds . anyway .. he prescribed me locoid (a topical steroid ointment) and i used that along with cetaphil .. my skin FREAKED. OUT .

it was dry, tight, shiny, oily, and suddenly full of acne . it was insane . i figured if i got off the steroid, it would resolve itself .. well it did . then it didnt . then the acne and dry skin persisted . that was in april.

since then ive tried EVERYTHING . tried diets . tried antibiotics. tried otc stuff . allergic to BP so i cant use it, literally 8 dermatologists to try and fix this problem and i dont even know what the problem is !!!!! my skin isnt only ridden with mild/moderate acne .. its red, clogged pores, blackheads, oily, and dry and flaky . its literally every skin problem in one . it doesnt look horrible but my skin doesn't behave like normal skin - even people with regular acne have more normal looking skin . its out of control .. so now im on retin-a of course but idk if thats even worth it cause idk what the problem is !! im so lost and depressed aboutthis, and its vain, and i shouldnt care but god i do . i miss the days of normal skin ....... im angry that no dermatologist is willing to look outside the box over what is really wrong with my skin .

do i have normal acne or is my skin just out of balance ???

help .

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I have had a similar problem since March of this year.

Background:- I had acne as a teenager. I never had it treated outside of the occasional facewash. It was not bad, but not pleasant either. For the most part, it disappeared when I was 19 years of age.

For the past 10 years, I have still gotten pimples, but they have always come in 1's and 2's, and never scarred. My skin looked normal for the most part.

I started a new healthy diet, and started going to the gym around September of 08. Things were going well. I also started drinking a lot of milk and was on protein shakes.

Well, I developed 2 cysts around March of 09. Both left scars. I immediately went off the milk and protein shakes, and stopped going to gym as I felt either of these 3 must be causing this due to the recent change in my lifestyle. Months later, I still was getting an abnormal amount of pimples. And the worst part was literally every single one of them were scarring, no matter if they formed whiteheads or not, no matter whether I touched them or not.

I started reading websites, and came accross this one. I ordered Dan's regimine, I also found out that BP and my skin just did not mix. I broke out in a rash over my whole face. I stopped, and just used the cleanser and moisturizer.

I read the holistic section and started taking some supplements such as zinc, lots of vitamins, drinking lots of water, niacine, fish oil, the works really. I also started being very careful as to what I ate. Unfortunately this resulted in me losing weight (I am already thin to begin with)

During the course of all of this I noticed my forehead starting to form a lot of little pimples, a place where I never got breakouts before.

Not sure if any of this diet was making a difference, and going off some expert opinions that diet plays zero difference with acne, plus wanting to put back on some weight, I decided one weekend to just eat 2 pizzas to test this. Big mistake. Got two massive pimples, both left scars.

I have just started using Paula's choice cleanser and BHA solution, as well as Mama lotion. With this and the diet, I seem to be able to control the problem areas on my cheeks to an extent, but nothing has worked for my forehead so far.

I have no idea at this point really what is going on with my face, and it really is dishearting. Like you, I feel that there is something more wrong here. It looks like my skin in general is just unhappy. And no matter what I try, it does not seem to improve that aspect. I have tried tons of things, an like you, most of them just seem to aggravate my skin as it now seems to be hypersensitive to anything. It freaking sucks.

I have avoided going to a Dermatologist because I would need to travel to another town and I also do not want what happened to you where I am prescribed some strong medication that just completely messes up my face. I will be going to one in the next month though. I feel I need a second opinion at this point.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt I related to this post and should share my experience.

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