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Acne scar sufferers, does this sound familiar to you?

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Step 1)

Get depressed because of scars. Life feels meaningless, no motivation, nothing to look foward in life. Feel sucidal. Living a half-life, trapped in a prison, living life like a mindless zombie, cant be the "real" you. Cant enjoy life. Cant approach girls.

Avoid bad lighting, skin looks like a thousand holes, melting. Sometimes im afraid people look upon me as Freddy Kruger( in very bad lighting ). Conscious of face to face talk, position yourself at a angle to appear "less scarred" when talking to people.

Step 2)

Tell your parents about you feelings and the scars. Parents say, scars aren't so bad. Parents think you're crazy when you say you're depressed. They say there are kids in Africa starving with no food and im worrying about a small peanut case like scars. Yes I sympathize with those poor kids, or other people with more struggles, but you can't compare my feelings of being scarred like that..

Step 3)

To prove to parents that you're not crazy, show them acne forum with tons of people with acne scarring with same EXACT feelings of being depressed, hopeless.

Their reply?

Avoid this forum, these people are a cult. Don't believe the internet.

Step 4)

You start complaining so much, your parents also get sick of you. But you get sick too as you know there is nothing they can do too. In the end, it gets a point you just shut up and deal with the pent emotions everyday hoping for a miracle, but everday goes by the same.

You know.. i feel so sickened of life, ive been through so much downs that im not even afraid of death anymore. Whats so scary about death? Its just a blank existence. Living everyday feeling f-uped and hopeless and not being able to live life the real "you" feels more scary( or rather frustrating )to me..

To everyone this way, I feel it too and I hope if theres a God, he would alleviate our sufferings. We dont deserve this.

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I can relate to step 1 but i can't to the others. I always had supportive parents and since my mother has scars she knew what i'd have to go through from the day i told her about my first scars and how i was emotionally dealing with that. The funny thing is that i never realized she had scars until i started having mine. But i can totally relate to being depressed and having low self-esteem.

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Looking at this I know exactly what you mean...I've even thought about suicide several times...but decided not to, I basically decided not to give a damn what anyone thinks about me, and life is getting better for now :)

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Dont lose hope AI3. A lot of people feel the same way as you do. I'm one of them. But, I try to stay positive.. Try to remember that their are a lot of successful scar revisions.. And as long as I keep my faith in God, and know this will all be over soon.. I feel a bit relieved. It is all easier said than done.. I am going through hard times as well. We're here for you, and try to cheer up!

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Just at stage 1 cos I refuse to talk abt my scars to anyone period. If God exists we must rank low on his list of priorities tho, seeing how there are some ppl already suffering for over 20 years of scarring. I would suggest u pray to technology and money rather than god for help in improving your scars.

If you wanna improve your mental health alone tho, maybe god will suffice, especially since he is free. As everyone knows though, you get what u paid for....

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