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Is this a good cleanser for mild acne? I use it in the shower on my face.

I know it's for make-up removal, and it soothes my skin.

Btw, I am a male and I don't use any make-up, just moisturizer after I shower.

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should be good. it is really soothing, i take a bunch of cream (from the jar) and put it on my sunburn. as long as you moisturize, it's good.

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I have wondered about it as well. The reason being is that I bought Cetaphil (ok it's Walgreens brand!) Gentle Skin Cleanser and a lot of things about it remind me of Noxema. Watered down Noxema without the smell or menthol. The menthol is an irritant so I avoid menthol as much as I can. Also, the Cetaphil is formulated to leave your skin with a thin film..not sure how good THAT is, although they claim it is for moisturising purposes. Noxema does the same thing. I actually have some Noxema but it is a bit dated. I wonder what else is in it. I might drag it out and read the ingredients..that tells a lot about how good it can be for you without potentially causing a disaster on your face :P

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