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bacne finally clear

He people,

I've been struggling with bacne for like 6 years now, and i'm finally 100% clear and stay that way if i don't slack off. I have moderate-severe back acne wich was not easy to handle, but my regimen now is pretty simple, and keeps me clear.

First of all, i've noticed that a higher % of BP DOES work better. I used 2,5 % one time a day (actualy every night, didn't feel like having to wear white all the time) for a long time, and didn't clear up (i'm sure). Now that i use 5% once a day, i'm 100% clear.

The problem why i couldn't have done that in the past, was because i couldn't find a good moisturizer for my back, so I would clear up and have a reaally dry back, so i had to stop the 5%, and get acne again. I recently bought Dan's moisturizer and now i'm finally clear!!

Btw, i don't use a cleanser for my back. I noticed that that would only make it worse, and i shouwer once a day. You will slowly get clear, and might take 2+ months to get 100% clear, if you want faster results do it twice a day i guess.

In short, my regimen:


BP 5%, pretty generously (but not as much as Dan doing his 2,5%)



Shower (really get al BP off by genly patting your back and shoulders, or else clothing will bleach)

Moisturize (I only do that at some spots at my back, other parts can handle moisturizing once pretty good.)

I also take:

Fish oil 3g

vitamin c 1000

Zinc 25

Hope it works for you guys to, let me know if you have questions.


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Trust me this regimen works great, i don't even have to do it EXACLY every 24 hours, most of the time the BP is just 6 hours on my back (i would go to bed 1:00, and wake up 7:00). and i normally have cystic acne all over the place, and i'm still clear. I do recommend that the BP is more then 8 hours on your back, and you use it the same time every night (for example, every night 10 PM), so your body can get used to it.

Just be generously with the BP.

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