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Most of my acne is easily covered by makeup. However, I'm rather prone to getting just one or two big red zits, always on my chin or upper lip! Most of these are also easily covered by concealer, so it looks like I have pretty clear skin.

Now, onto the point of this topic!

It always seems that whenever I have one of these giant zits, my boyfriend always wants to have the long, slobbery kiss sessions (for lack of a better term, haha). All my makeup ends up coming off easily and the zit is exposed! And usually more inflamed due to the makeup and kissing, too. D: It's always so embarrassing!

Anyone else suffered this before?

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This has happened to me before, back when I had a boyfriend (and before I cleared up)!

I also used to sleep with makeup on if I slept over at his house. It's ridiculous, but I'd be terrified that he'd see me without makeup.

I always seemed to come back with a ton of new pimples and my existing ones really irritated. It's the worst, seriously :(

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Ugh, yeah, I'm always really self-conscious about people seeing me without makeup, but sharing a dorm with a few other girls is starting to clear that up, haha.

You just always wanna look your best for your boyfriend, though!

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I definitely know what you mean... when I used powder, it was a nightmare lol. Liquid seems to stay on better... but it's still not perfect.

You wanna run to the bathroom and fix it.... but the damage is already done... :cry:

The kissing making it more inflamed is super annoying too. lol.

At least the new liquid I'm using doesn't make my skin worse (I get Oxygenetix from my doctor's office... seems like everything else breaks me out...)

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