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Best Supplement

I have tried my share of supplements and currently i'm taking niacin, taurine and vit C. I've tried every kind of niacin and all of them wear off. I am looking for some new supplements that will work well together and not wear off in a couple of weeks. I'm out of taurine and vit C and i'm looking to replace them with some better supplements. Let me know what has worked best for you guys. Thanks.

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Inositol Hexanicinate flush-free Niacin, Chelated Zinc & Chromium Picolinate. Have been taking all 3 of these together for the past few days and haven't broken out since, aside from one very small whitehead.

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It's important to realize that not all of the same type of supplement are equal. Make sure you are buying good quality supplemeants and not the cheapos from walmart that contain: corn, wheat, soy, etc.. GNC is one of the best for supplemeants and they probably have a pretty knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Heres whats worked for me:

1. Vitamin C (rosebud) 1,000 mg pills take 3 in the morning and 3 at night (6-9 a day)

2. Flaxseed oil.. 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening..

3. Amino 3000 (take it an hour before you eat something and with water)

4. Zinc

It's important to not just rely soley on supplements but Also diet.. Especially, with the aminos its very crucial you have good nutrients in your system.. Try researching Anti-inflammory diet and drink plenty of water. Stay away from refined sugars (splenda etc.), Processed/pasterized foods ex milk.. Fried or brended meats (especially red meats)....GO baked or grilled.. Eat plenty of fish. (cod, salmon (alaskian, not atlantic) herring, sardines, tuna etc.. It's going to be tough at first, because you realize just how unhealthy you've been eating and you end up giving up some pretty addicting foods.. But, it actually gets kind of fun knowing whats healthy for you and what isn't..

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Thanks. Yeah, i changed my diet a while ago. I eat a lot of salmon everyday and eat no refined sugars. I snack generally on vegetables and fruit and haven't eaten dairy in like 5 months. I also only buy my supplements from GNC because it's right next to my house. Thanks for the tips and i think m guna try the niacin, zinc and chromium thing becuase i already have two of those supplements.

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