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After being off Accutane for 7 months, my red marks and general redness is there and barely improved!! I've taken a ton of vitamins consistently, AHA, mild cleanser, Aloe Vera, and more. AND I'm still breaking out!!! This sucks.

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try doing the cold water therapy. it works on scars too. it got of my cheek scars. it's free. you won't lose anything.

put ice on the scar. or take a cold shower. you would see great improvement. just try it. i have the same. i got from acne medications i used. now i don't use anything. just cold shower. and my red marks are fading.


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cameron, pure cold though. don't use hot water. i know it's crazy but my face is actually clearing up. my forehead acne is completely gone. all i have right now is the red marks i got from stupid doxycycline. also zinc supplemnt broke me out and the pimples hurt. the only thing that got rid of the hurtful pimples and the pustules is cold water therapy.

don't use anything else. just cold water. take a bath or cold shower. i prefer taking a cold shower while taking a bath. if u get what i mean.

i hope you clear your skin just like me so far...I will stick to this therapy everyday. Gl!!!!

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