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What should I do after aggressively picking at my skin?

I have some mild obsessive tendencies that during times of stress can intensify. In this case, for the last 24 hours I have picked at my face; pimples, blackheads, any slight bump or irregularity got scraped or poked at with a blood lancet.

I was so aggressive in cleaning my pores that I created larger holes and tiny gashes around some pores that I'm sure will develop small crater scars. I picked between my upper lip and nose, spreading out toward my cheeks, chin and forehead. In my cheek area the skin is thinly scabbed and pink/brown. Above my lip I did the most damage and it is now scabbing and red/brown.

In some areas around my face, I can still see some of "gunk" I was after that got me going to begin with. There is major inflammation and irritation. And it hurts/stings/throbs a little.

please help! i have done irreversible damage i'm sure and now need to try to minimize scarring. should i concentrate on the inflammation, or trying to prevent bacteria/infection or should i just leave my poor skin alone?

Prior to this, I used the Obagi program as well as supatret sparingly, and metronidazole for my many broken capillaries. I got compliments on my skin pretty regularly.

Is it insane to think that I should have dermabrasion? It just seems like it would be better if all of this peeling/scabbing that is going to occur were more uniform and controlled?

I would be so grateful for some good advice. Many many thanks.

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your probably going to get Dark spots knowed as hyper pigmentation

you should Put ice on it for about 10 minuts

than find your supplies and start Dan's Regime It works well order your supplies online at this page

he even shows you how to use the medication.

try not to look at the mirror often.

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