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Toms Alternative Toner Works!!! (so far) :rolleyes:

This new mixed solution has worked amazingly just over the past week and a half. I have tried applying just acv with water and it worked but i hated the smell and it gave my face a red tint. This new solution i found on this forum has worked twice as well in half the time. The solution has four simple ingredients: ACV, 100% green tea, good quality tea tree oil, and crushed aspirin pills( purest form of salysitic acid). Each ingredient works on your skin in its own way. The acv is antibacterial and kills bacteria as well as reducing inflammation. The tea trea oil is kind of a delivery system that penetrates deep into pores as well as it having antibacterial properties. The aspirin helps you shed off cells quicker, and the green tea sooths the skin so your not irritated and red from the other ingredients and gives the skin a clear hydrated glow instead of redness. The smell is better ( due to the tea tree Melaleuca ) but i would not consider it a pleasant smell, just better than acv by itself. I have found that if i apply it an hour or so before going anywhere it is not a noticeable smell. Im going to give this quick remedy a month or so to see if results are consistent. Oh, i also apply BP just after applying the solution. I would recommend anyone to use this.

Ingredients % to solution that i use

60% green tea (boiled and filtered to eliminate bad tap water effects)

30% ACV

10% Tea tree oil

-10g to 15g aspirin pills

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