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Acnetix and its contreversary - By someone whos ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT!

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Hey!! my names Paul and i live in Scotland!!!! (WOOOOO!!!) i unfortunalty suffered a severe breakout of acne on December 08 (at the age of 17). i am now 18 as my birthday was in April and have since then spent at least £340+ on products, as like most on the blog, i'v had every product available from doctors, advice from family and friends. Luckly, due to the NHS (National Health Service) i will be seeing a dermotologist in September 09! However in August after a new found change in diet, consiting of 3 litres of water a day and increased amount in fruit in and veg, maninly bananas, apples and brocolli, i had a VERY bad breakout. I know some most ov u will be thinking "this guy works for Acnetix" or this guys just out to fool us into wasting more of oor hard earned molla.. i can honeslty tell you im not! hence the reason y this will not be my last blog and only appearnce on the site! I had never heard of Ancetix as being from Scotland (we dont exactly get American adverts or anything) so i didnt have any real evidence this would work or not. After looking at blogs on this and other blogs like 'Yahoo Answers' and such alot of people were saying Acnetix was a scam!! Well i can say i am honestly sh*ting maself!! i have recieved Acnetix today and have used it once since this morning..... so for the next few weeks i will be giving an honest opinion on Acnetix and will let u know how its going! Please do not hesitate to email me personally at '[email protected]'. Sorry if i have rambled on a bit, but please trust me when i say this is an honest opinion from an 18 year old boy who has suffered the physical, and mental scarring of acne, and only wish to help others who have suffered from acne.

Peace and Love,

P.S the only reason i have copy n pasted my blog into the message board is because it saves time typing the exact thing over and over again! =)

P.P.S if this Suzy192839489384938 blah blah blah character is an imaginary being made by the comapany to enahnce sales then poor show, but trust me, this will be a completly honest report!!

Paul O'Shea =)

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Any luck?

In all honesty?....... Yeh! Kinda!

My face acne seems to have pretty much gone, still got a few lil spots around my jaw but hardly noticable really... in fairness though it hasnt helped with the severe acne on my chest and back (which sadly is now scarring pretty bad :( but for light/moderate acne i would recomend it actually! Smells a bit funky, but you can really feel the difference in your skin after even a few days. Dry skin was a big problem for me but its been really good at clearing any dead skin away.

By no means a miracle cream as claimed, but pretty dam effective in my opinion! 8/10 :)

Hope you get clear no matter what you use! And thanks for the comment!

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