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Would like to begin a dermaroller treatment.

Hi Guys/Gals,

I have moderate acne scars on my back, some acne forming on the chest and buttocks. The face has some acne forming aswell.

I recently went to a dermatologist who put me on a regiment of 5% BP (Benzoclin) in the morning, Retin-A in the nights. I'm nearing my 2 month mark, and I'm not seeing much improvement. Instead I'm seeing breakouts, which I kind of expected as a reaction to the new medication.

My current issue is with the acne forming on my buttocks area. It's painful to sit sometimes, and it feels like I'm exacerbating the skin. I'm looking into dermarollers, but it seems the information out there is advertisements. There also seem to be price discrepancy between kits. Some cost only $30 whereas others go up to $500. I would like to try treatment in areas of my skin such as my buttocks, and see how the results are. If they're decent, I'd like to take it further and try my facial area.

Could someone breakdown what is required and what I'd be looking at in terms of cost for a the dermaroller, creams, etc.? I was thinking a 2mm dermaroller, topical anasthetic, and some vitamin C cream.

Also what brand of dermaroller should I be looking for?

Any advice would be appreciated, TIA for your time.

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Hm, I figured as much. In that case, I would still like to go ahead and try it on my back. My upper back hasn't had active acne for months. I think it's really benefit from such a treatment. Polishing it with BP/salicylic acid seems useless. The scarring still remains.

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