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Seeing improvement after just four days. wow...

I decided to start the regimen on monday after a particularly nasty breakout. In addition to just looking gross, my whole face hurt so badly that it was impossible to ignore. I have tried many OTC products in the past, but I always felt that I was fumbling in the dark, and was never really sure if what I was doing helped or hurt.

I tried this because the specific routine seemed to be pretty tried and true by many of the members here, and it's also fairly inexpensive to try out (it was about $25 for all my supplies). All I can say is wow. I'm still a long way from being clear, but I can definitely see a difference and it is very encouraging. I will continue to religiously follow the regimen in hopes of being finally free of the acne.

My acne tends to a certain pattern. Clusters of tiny hard whiteheads on my forehead and chin, blackheads around the nose, and big pustules along my jawline and cheeks (usually the right side, for some reason the left side of my face is almost always much more clear). While I'm occasionally free of those big honkin zits, the whiteheads are resilient, and I had thought impossible to get rid of. Not so! They are weakening and disappearing more rapidly than I thought they would with the aggressive BP treatement.

Other thoughts on the regimen:

The drying tight feeling caused by the BP has a benefit of making me constantly aware of my face. I moisturize generously, but I still feel tightness on my skin. It has yet to cause me true discomfort, just a slight drying feeling. The benefit of this sensation is that I am constantly aware that my skin is being treated and I am not to touch it. I have barely touched my face at all since starting, and that was a big problem for me in the past.

I find myself needing copious amounts of lip moisturizer throughout the day, which is annoying, but very much worth it.

The BP doesn't feel like anything until I put lotion over it, then it starts to kind of tingle. It's not entirely unpleasant, but I wonder if that is normal, or if I should be trying a different product(s). I got only small bottles of everything so if I needed to adjust I wouldn't be wasteful. I have noticed redness of my skin, but what are pink cheeks compared to gross acne? :)

Here are some pictures showing my progress so far. I have never EVER posted such ugly, unflattering photos of myself anywhere before...ugh....but its for.....science? Haha, I don't know.

Before any treatment. this is me just after showering.

P8200028.jpg front view

P8200030.jpg the right side of my face

P8200029.jpg forehead bumps

Here is my current progress. I took these this morning just after applying all the product.

P8230009.jpg front view (different lighting, I know, it was cloudy the other day, this is sunlight. more flattering anyway haha) notice redness of skin.

P8230004.jpg the right side

P8230006.jpg less forehead bumps already!

P.S. sorry if I didn't do the links right, still getting used to this board :) you will just have to copy and paste the links i think.

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Wow, I see results too from those pictures! It's really helping! Just expect so more random purging to happen though it's normal.

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i first notice too the tingling feeling after putting on some moisturizer after applying the BP, i guess that normal. you are so brave for posting up some pictures. i would never do such a thing. you look great! keep at it and you'll be acne free.

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