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Hi there,

About 5 months ago I decided that I'd make more of an effort to treat my fairly mild acne (all whiteheads, around chin/nose). Up until then I'd been using salicylic acid products to control it, with admittedly little effect. So I went to my GP, who promptly prescribed a 5% benzoyl peroxide gel, which worked absolute wonders, and within about 2-3 weeks my skin was clear as anything.

Two months later however, after one overnight study binge (cleverly handing in assignments last minute) when I didnt get around to washing my face, my skin broke out again about the same as before. The benzoyl had little to no effect from then on - so I went back to my GP who promptly said there was no other option for me and prescribed more benzoyl. Being a dope, I just kept using it to no avail.

Recently (Tues 25/8) I decided to see an actual dermatologist who gave my acne a look-over, and prescribed differin gel and minocycline (50 mgx2 daily). He also stated that I should need to take it for about 6 months and then my acne should be ok. Now I read, on the net and this site, that minocycline is a temporary solution, and upon ceasing its use I'm going to have a good chance of relapsing into acne, most likely far worse than before. Now I'm petrified - I'd rather have my current moderate-light acne than severe acne. So far I think its too early to tell how the combination of gel+tabs is working, but I'm not experiencing side effects (yet?). Does anyone have experience in using this combination, and am I going over the top with how I'm treating my acne (gel+tabs instead of benzoyl only)?

If its important I'm 20 yo male.

Many thanks,


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I took minocycline at one point in my life, to no avail. However, my acne wasn't any worse off afterwards.

It's one of those side effects that happens for some, and not for others. The idea behind most treatments is to control your acne until you "grow" out of it, and I don't think any antibiotic treatment for acne is an exception.

However, it is always your call about whether or not you want to use this treatment, and have a risk like that. The idea behind BP, and antibiotics is simply killing acne causing bacteria, so perhaps, if you want, you should look into alternatives such as light therapy (there is a subforum on it). I used this after failing on antibiotics and accutane, and it worked wonderfully.

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