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Accutane extremely low dose, how harmful is it?

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I started on accutane about 4 years ago, and right away i noticed I responded well to it. I cut back to one a week, I tried to quit a few times, but when I did after a month i had some breakouts.

I am off it for a month again, and am noticing my skin is oily and I have a few red dots.

Im just curious how dangerous is taking accutane 40 mg, once a week. I have never noticed any problems really, and respond well to one a week. God knows for 4 years I have been taking one a week, and no more pimples. So Im just curious since their is knowledgeable people here, if i respond to one capsule a week, is it still terrible to take it long term?

A doctor i typically see called in sick the day of my appointment, his replacement for the day wouldnt even perscribe me 8 (what i usually ask for since it lasts me two months)

Admittedly he new very little about what my dosage is doing, all he did was hear horror stories and how toxic it is, the guy was also very young, and said he does not prescribe it. I told him i respect his position, but I have had no side effects other then slightly dry lips, and taking one a week and responding so well to it, my dermatologist seemed very happy with this as a solution. Nevertheless i understand his position and and the situation he is in.

So again im just wondering if taking one a week is causing me damage? Because that low ammount sure solved my acne. (And I also tried less strong methods and prescriptions beforehand.

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