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Benzoyl peroxide question


I want to start the regime and want to know whether to get a product containing 10% Benzoyl peroxide, 5% or one containing 2.5%?

What would you recommend?

I have seen these advertised:

Are the creams above any good? I would buy Dan's but I am from the UK and they put a customs charge on it.



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2.5% BP is just as effective as the higher percentages, but isn't as drying or irritating. If at all possible, get a 2.5% BP. If you can't, 5% will do, but it will be more drying. Avoid 10% BP, as it's just too harsh. ; )

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I had the on-the-spot treatment for neutrogena but as soon as i heard OXY had a 10%BP cream i ran towards OXY instead. However, this is such a bad decision. I thought higher dosage meant pimples going away faster but it irritated my skin.

So after doing my research from this site last night, i have dug out my on-the-spot treatment and doing the regimen religously (:

hope this helps!

it is also proven that 2.5 works exactly as well as 5% and 10% without the irritation.

good luck, and before you purchase do check out reviews from other users, goodluck.

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