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After Accutane - Acne has come back ... ?

As you can see I am new here .

So I will tell you a little about my past acne experiences.

About a year ago, I had severe acne allover my face and my back.

My dermotologist priscriped everything and nothing worked, so he put me on accutane.

My skin and back cleared up imediately.

I stopped my accutane in about February.

This week has been horrible , my acne has come back.

I usually dont get much pimples , maybe one or two a month.

But ever since last saturday my acne has become MUCH worse.

I have about 5 little white heads on my chin, and LARGE pimples on the side of my face by my ear.

I am currently using the 3 step system from Acne-Free , and my mom has told me to stop she thinks that it is making it flare up.

After I use the 3 step system I use Panoxyl Aqua Gel.

I really need a new skin care system , I need to get this controlled before it gets worse.

If you have any advice please let me know.

Thank you :)

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Well if you have minor acne now and have destroyed much of the bacterial infection on your skin maybe you should consider moving to a less invasive oral like minocycline of something maybe Epidou. Accutane is kinda hazardous if used for a long time

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