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Ok so i had these two pimples that never seem to have come to a head even tho the rest of my skin is finally now clear YEAH! ok these two spots were starting to grow and grow from i guess me sweating and moisturizing. So i went after the little devils. FAILED unfortunately so now i had those nice squeeze marks on my face and 3 days later they continued to stay there. So i said F$#@@ it im going to get that bastards this time. so i finally popped them and its was absolutely crazy each one had like a secondary burst and a spray... I was like WOW wtf. I WIN. so i sleep on it after doing my night wash and moisturizing my spots finally start to heal...... So why would my skin not heal when the pimple wasn't popped but start to heal when its popped. Anyone have any idea ?

This is always the case with my pimples... If its not popped it wont heal :[

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my skin is same way if i dont pop it it will stay for 1-2 months. if i cant mess with it massaging it with a warm rag gently helps speed up the healing

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yea, same here.

Serveral times I have this pimple deep underneath my skin. Pick at it, and nothing came out, but it leaves some serious marks. While the pimple is still there, I stop myself from picking at it, worrying that it would make things worse. But then the scar would only heal to certain point. It's not inflamed. but the spot just stay there. I always had to pop it for the second time, get all the things out and then this time, the scar/marks would heal.........

Maybe the pimple was just too stubborn and there's no room for your skin to heal with a pimple sticking hard down there...? I dunno..

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