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Issue with Picking (I'm kinda forced to) Help!

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Hey guys, thing is, sometimes I get these weird pimples that if I don't pop it, they heal, but don't go away. I'd still have a huge bump on my face that has hard skin over it, and it becomes even worse over time as pimples may form over it etc. This is why i'm forced to pop 'those' pimples (I lay off just about any other) but the thing is those ones are huge and leave scabs/possible scars on my face. I usually get like 1 per week. Any idea on how i can effectively get rid of those? Cuz i tried leaving one of those in before, didn't go away even after like a month (when I was in grade 9 i didn't even care, i was away on a trip and i got one of those on the very first day. Then when I came back 3 weeks later, it was huge, like, 3/4 of my cheek huge, and had like 3 pimples piled up on each other with thick skin healed over it. :eek: Finally went away after an hour of popping it/cleaning up the bathroom sink :sad: Left a huge scar that hasn't healed much to this day.

Any way to take care of those? I don't know what to do. Other pimples I can handle, but I get these ones 50% of the time

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yeh those sucked, I got those couple of years ago on my face, glad its over. left a big scar on my nose but the scar had reduced verry mutch in time and isn't even noticable anymore.

man I have no Idea how to get rid of those, drying out the skin could be the best way in the form of: thea tree oil or a higher dose of BP.

not pop until its popable is the best advice...

I stoped getting them when I went on my first acutane treatment. and after the acutane too

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