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I ordered Acnepril about a week ago...So hopefully it will be here within the next week. I will keep updates on how it works, and hopefully the results are positive. I've had to deal with acne since grade 4 and I have tryed everything from Proactive to Accutane. Proactive sucked, I seem to be amune to BP and Accutane only kept my acne away for so long, about four months later it came back. SO im going to try Acnepril, hope it works "fingers crossed"

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I have used the capsules for about 3 years or so, maybe 4 (I'm in my 40's and am suffering from hormonal acne on face, neck, chest, and back) after I tried a lot of different over the counter stuff and the odd 2 my GP could prescribe me (most were too harsh for my very sensitive skin), as well as changing of usual contraceptive pill to some others (which either made it worse or did nothing for my skin, but terrible things to my PMS!) and taking vit's & min supplements every day for years.

Over time the acne became less (during my flare-up time of the month I would take 1 cap twice a day) but it took several months to see a minimizing result.

It never got rid of it altogether (never did anything to my blackheads though), but it became a lot less and the longlasting painful ones disappeared. It cleared all but the odd tiny headed ones and my face was mainly clear, so to me that was a great improvement!

I stopped (1 1/2 yrs or so ago) because I ran out and didn't have the money at the time (about £30 a bottle) but it then seemed to have balanced out.

The big painful ones are still gone from my face but are coming back on my shoulders and neck (although not as big) and I'm starting to get more of the little ones again... time to start again maybe (money side still not so good...)

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Any chance it could make my acne worse?

It didn't with me at all, it just stayed the same, but I know it can take a while with me before anything does something anyway. My GP always makes me try stuff for 4 - 6 months (as long as it doesn't go haywire ofcourse) before she comes to a conclusion, but if you read some other posts on the forum, some say it did and others say they doubt it worked at all (maybe they didn't try long enough?).

Have you had a look at the ingredients to see if there is anything you react to?

You just have to make up your mind if you want to spend the money and give it a try, but with me it only started to show after the first 4 or 5 bottles or so and after that I used it non-stop everyday for years, while some say it worked within weeks and they use it as a course.

I bought mine on ebay from Santabarbaraguy at first btw, coming over from America and had them within a day or 3 without any trouble, as many as I wanted at a time, but I then went to his private site and I used to get 10% off that way but don't know if he still does it.

Anyway, sounds a bit like I'm pushing him, but I'm just trying to give you a heads up on how it worked for me and that I had no problem with that supplier. He was always a bit cheaper than getting it direct from Revitol and you don't get yourself in one of those unwanted repeat charges that way.

Whatever you decide, I hope you find what works for you and let me/us here know about it.

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