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I'm about to head away to college and while I know that you shouldn't drink while on accutane, I expect it to be tough to turn down a beer at certain times -especially when everyone else is drinking.

So, I've recently looked up popular beers (ones that will be in most bars...) to find the ones with the lowest alcohol content in an effort to save any extra stress on my body.

I basically googled "alcohol content of beers." You may want to use a couple different sites to make sure the info is accurate. The best I came across was alcoholcontents

Just thought I'd share some of the results:

Miller Genuine Draft 64: 2.8%

Amstel Light: 3.5%

Heineken Light: 3.5%

Yuengling Light: 3.8%

Molson Canadian Light: 4.0%

Guiness Draught (bottle): 4.0%

Sam Adams Light: 4.05%

Michelob Ultra: 4.1%

Bud, Miller, & Coors Light: 4.2%

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i asked my derm if drinking was bad on accutane and she said that while she advises against it, it isn't absolutely 100% of the time terrible. I drank about 4 times .. 2 of which I'll say I got hammered.. during my first month of accutane and took a blood test two weeks ago and all of my levels and everything were fine.

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