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How do I get rid of the oily nose problem?

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I can't stand the oil on my face two hours after I apply my makeup. Everything I use is oil-free and I'm still oily on my nose and generally in the t-zone, but the nose is the worst. What's weird is that I don't break out on my nose, but my chin is just awful. I get those under the skin ones that hurt and last forever. I use Cetaphil to take off my makeup and then proactiv for everything else. Every moisturizer I've ever used still makes me oily on my nose during the day. Somebody help me!!!

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I used to get TONNES of pimples all over the chin area too-- I feel your pain!

One major thing to do, is to not touch your face. I know it's been said a lot, but it's true; your fingers can contain oils and bacteria; definitely not something you want on your face. Sometimes, you touch your face without realizing it (i.e.leaning your chin on your hand)

Your best bet for the acne on the chin, is Benzoyl Peroxide. It worked for me, and I had massive, cystic acne on my chin.

As for the nose... even though makeup says it's oil-free, that doesn't mean it won't make you look shiny and your skin get oily. In fact, I noticed that after not wearing makeup for 3 months, my skins oil production lessened. But, if you really find the oil nose a huge problem, just blot your nose/shiny areas with a tissue whenever you need to. Piling powder on will make it worse.

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BP (a light coating over my nose at night) and the vinegar method have eliminated my oily forehead/nose/chin problem. Although, oddly enough I never break out in my oily T-Zone area.

I also agree on the powder and not touching your face. Perhaps try blotting with those oil blotting papers you can buy.


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