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Blood test results

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Hello, everyone. I wish you could give me a good reply on this.

Got my results today and showed it to my derm, who became really worried since my sgpt (liver) levels shot from 20s to 56. I've been taking the isotretinoin for a month already and had to stop for a week since I failed to have my tests done earlier.

Anyway, I don't really know what caused this, except that I drank one bottle of beer two days before I took my test. My derm said it isn't really a significant thing. I asked if it is something about my diet since I've been eating so much (almost bingeing). He said only alcoholic beverages can cause the rise.

He kept me on my dose (30 mg) but said I need to take a blood test after 2 weeks so we can check if the levels are still high. If it is he would immediately take me off the drug. I don't want this to happen. I really really want to finish the course. I feel like if I don't this, nothing will ever cure me of my acne. I almost cried when I left his clinic. :(

Has anybody else experienced this? Can lack of sleep and a bad diet cause this? I will appreciate any reply.

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That would really suck if you were taken off... Ugh! I would be miserable if the dr. took me off. I wanted to suggest you do some sort of liver flush! I don't know ne off the top of my head tho. Just google it. There are home remedies & then there are kits you can buy. Also drink plenty of water. ! Would stay away from anything unhealthy right now. Plenty if fruits & veggies. You should be really strict about your diet & find a liver flush & stick to it!! It's important that you stay on tane right?

I wish I had specifics to give you. Best of luck.


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