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The Switch is HORRIBLE fo far!!!!

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Okay so I just switched from proactiv to dans regimen with all his products yesterday night. I just got done washing, treating, and moisturizing for the third time with dans regimen. My skin actually went down from moderate acne to mild acne in two months with proactiv, but proactivs effectivness completely went down and I started getting pimples again so i decided to switch. I was applying ALOT of BP with proactiv and now going to about 1 pump to start off with my skin is going crazy. Its so DISCOURAGING!!! I want to switch back but I am going to try and stick it out. Any of you have the same experience in the beginning? Thanks everybody

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Third time and your already on 1 pump? That's a little fast don you think?

Haven't you competely understood the regimen before applying? Your supposed to strt out at a half pump and move up bu 1/2 after every week. People complain about these sorts of things due to the fect they start out using too much and quiting too early.

I sugest movin down to 1/2 pump for a week then try 1 if your face goT used to half. If not keep it up. This is a process that shouldn't be rushed.

Remember! Give it up to three months :)

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What do you mean by your skin is going crazy? Is it getting red and/or flakey? This was happening to me before and it was because I wasn't being gentle enough when putting it on and because I wasn't spending time spreading it around enough.

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When i say going crazy i mean breakout along my jawline and cheek and slight redness on my chin and tzone. I applied alot of BP when on proactiv espicially on my problem areas, so I hope its just a minor flareup because im applying alot less. I willl keep updating.

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Yeah, you should definitely listen to Thanh. Starting with too much BP is a serious mistake that a lot of people make. Just because you were on Proactive doesn't mean that your skin is ready for the Regimen BP dosage. It's just different. You should use about 1/2 pump once a day for a week and then 1/2 pump twice a day for a week. Then keep on increasing the BP by a 1/2 pump after every week until you are using two pumps twice a day. It is much more important in the first month to get your skin adjusted the BP than to see clearing results. That may be frustrating, but it's the truth. It takes time to clear acne. Your breakout may also be a type of "purge". I have no expererience with Proactive benzoyl peroxide, but I do believe that it is cream based. If that is the case, then Dan's BP gel may just be bringing out to the surface all of the junk that was already forming beneath your skin--stuff too deep for the Proactive to reach. Dan's BP absorbs much deeper into the skin than other treatments because it is a pharmaceutical grade gel. That is why some people experience an initial breakout on the Regimen. These pimples would have come out eventually--the gel just brought them out faster. Just try to stick it out, using the proper amount of BP, and I'm sure you'll see positive results within a couple of months.

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thanks dacha, really appreciate it. That makes alot of sense. I lowered my dose to 1/2 a pump this morning and i'll keep doing that for a week and then start upping. Hopefully I can get 100 percent clear in a few months. Again, thanks for the advice, ill update in a week or 2

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