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Matthew Spooner

Third wash through the day?

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Hi guys

My doctor has transferred me to a dermatologist in a couple of months who will hopefully put me on accutane. I have bad acne and scarring on my face, chest, back and arms.

In the meantime though i take oxytetracycline and use retin a on a morning and panoxyl aqagel on a night as told to do so by my doctor. He also told me to do more excercise.

However, i've read so much about only washin on a morning and a night but my face gets so oily during the day plus if i'm going to be excersing in the middle of the day should i get a third wash after excercising?

I don't want to overwash but i don't understand what i'm meant to do. If i should do the third wash should i appy retin a again so that i still have it on my skin?

many thanks!

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I wash my face twice a day with some water and soap. Sometimes I even wach with warm and cold water so I mix the water with each other.

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You should definitely apply retin-a after the third wash, because the benefit of retina-a is derived by having it on your skin, keeping the sebaceous glands died-out, for the longest possible period of time between washes.

Good luck with your accutane. Make sure you have a robust story for the dermatologist. Then make sure you plan how to manage the side-effects. Good luck! :)

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