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Well, my derm gave me this cream today. It's suppose to be an antibiotic moisturizer of some sort. Let me know if you have any clue what this is and I'll also report back to you in a day or two on how it effects me.

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awesome! I just asked my doctor for a prescription moisturizer as well -- i'm 4mo off accutane and skin is still really dry.

OTC topicals only stay on the skin's surface whereas prescription topicals penetrate the skin's surface -- so i think it'll work well. Is it non-comedogenic?

Please PM me letting me know how it works!

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actually it looks just like a normal moisturizer except with the antibiotic. It's suppose to be applied 3-4 times daily and it just stings a tad bit when you first put on but afterwards feels pretty good. Again this is my first day and I've only put it on once so only time will tell how effective it is. It certainly moisturizes well though so so far so good, just nice to have something else while on accutane.

what I do find kind of odd is when I searched for it on the internet it just mentioned how it stops spreading of bacteria and under uses it did not list acne. However, I really like my dermatologist and I think it is pretty clever of her to prescribe this to me. Cause my main problem is with new zits popping up on the outside, the accutane has gotten rid of the more cystic acne, this should hopefully stop the spreading.

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My god use this cream! It's unreal for stopping the spread of the pimples. AND it moisturizes AND it can be used 4 times a day and doesn't irritate the skin at all I can't say enough about this my acne is FINALLY clearing up! THANK YOU GOD! It's my birthday today and I my face is too bad to see my old friends but it's almost clear and I finally can. All I asked from god is to clear my face, and I think he might just do that

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