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Clearasil Ultra 3 step acne system

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I remember a member not so long ago that wanted to make their acne worse so they could increase their chances of being prescribed Accutane.

A lot of people told them to stop washing and to pick their skin and to eat junk food, I simply told them to start using Clearasil.

Washing your face with sand paper and glass would be more beneficial.

Josh987 is spot on (no pun intended). Get a simple cleanser (by that I mean one with no alcohol, colourings, fragrances, etc - Some brands I recommend are Johnsons, Cetaphil, Simple) and wash at morning and at night. Apply a small amount of benzoyl peroxide (2.5% is plenty strong, don't be tempted by 5% of 10% - use either Dan's brand or if you're a UK resident you can use Panoxyl) and then apply a simple (again, no fancy pants ingredients) moisturiser.

Stick with that for a month and see if your skin is any better.

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yeah i remember clearasil when i was 15 it just made it all worse lol. it never got rid of the spots just cleaned existing ones made them redder and let your skin itch and burn


im buying some panoxly tomorrow but i am going 5 days first without using it as i am currently testing caveman tactics.

i.e splashing water on my face once a day and letting mother nature do the rest. obv in conjunction with my vits and good food intake

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